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Stockholm based singer and multi-musician Matilda Bådagård has always kept a broad spectrum of her musical career. At the age of 5, she started playing the violin and studied it through her entire childhood and youth. She grew up listening to jazz, and studied jazz singing at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Swedish folk music, as well as other traditional music (such as Brazilian), was also a big part of her upbringing but in the Royal college of music she explored that further, learning traditional fiddle playing, studying ”world music” and realized she very much enjoyed the possibilities that came with knowing several instruments, genres and traditions in music.

For the last 15 years, Matilda has been working as a freelance musician, composer and producer. She has toured intensively with different artists in the Swedish pop, jazz and folk scenes, as well as with her own bands and projects. In 2016 she produced the show BIRD ON THE WIRE for Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre, in which she performed the songs of Leonard Cohen in her own way. The show was very successful and ran for several years, and to this day keeps on touring all over Sweden. Matilda is also part of the duo LÅNGBACKA/BÅDAGÅRD, that mixes pop with traditional Swedish music. The duo has released three albums and achieved lots of attention for their unique sound.

Succeeding in their aim to search for a new path must be considered agreat deed. Incredibly impressive that they sound like no one else.“(Album review)


Matilda would rather call herself composer than anything else. Since a young age she has been driven by her passion for creating new music, exploring the artof composing for different genres and styles. She has written songs for pop artists, for AOR bands, singer-songwriters. She has also written a lot of bossa nova songs and collaborated with some of the greatest musicians and composers in Brazil.

In the last couple of years, Matilda has written MUSIC FOR FILM and with that really hit home. She has written music for feature film, documentary and shorts, both in Sweden and for an international market. Her broad experience in many genres as a musician, as well as her broad instrumental skills makes her able to record and produce her own compositions. She works in her own studio in Stockholm and the composing process often interacts with the producing and recording session, in an intuitive and seamless way. Together with Maja Långbacka (LÅNGBACKA/BÅDAGÅRD) she has created a unique and efficient partnership and together they composed the music for Swedish motion picture GLACIÄR in 2021. It was the first picture by highly acclaimed and world known author CAMILLA LÄCKBERG and rewarded director BAKER KARIM and Matilda and Maja received a lot of attention for their unique sounding score. The duo has a faiblesse for organic sounds, overtones and unique (often traditional) instruments, and are always experimenting in the studio, pushing boundaries for how for example a piano, or a violin, could sound like and what you can achieve in the producing process. 

Matilda and Maja are proceeding their partnership as film composers, and are currently working with a documentary. They also make music for other media platforms and their music has been heard in tv series, audio books and vlogs.

”A goldstar for the musical geniuses Långbacka/Bådagård for making filmmusic that makes me want to go buy the soundtrack on vinyl right away.”(Film critic, Swedish television)

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Glaciär official trailer

Soundtrack by Matilda Bådagård and Maja Långbacka

Solsbury hill (långbacka/bådagård)

Official music video

Peter Gabriel cover (arrangement Långbacka/Bådagård)

Wake us up (LÅngbacka/Bådagård)

Official music video

Music by Matilda Bådagård and Maja Långbacka

Contra a correnteza

Music by Matilda Bådagård

From album Mundo Meu (A casa toca)

Rise (Långbacka/Bådagård

Official music video

Music by Matilda Bådagård and Maja Långbacka


About the compositions for feature film GLACIÄR (2021).

Swe with en subtitles.


Every little whisper turns into a roar

LangbackaBadagard digital-cover 3000px

Glaciär (Official motion picture soundtrack)



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